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About Call Catcherz Ltd.

About Call Catcherz Ltd.

Call Catcherz Ltd (est 2008) The Superior Virtual Recruitment Agency that is dedicated to Homeshoring/Homesourcing of genuine work – Tried, Tested & Trusted by many. Have you ever thought of how nice it would be to work from home? What Call Catcherz Ltd does is give you the flexibility and freedom to work from home to earn an income...


Martin & Jackie the founders of Call Catcherz Ltd (The No1 UK Homeshoring Company) started this venture because they wanted to fulfill their dream of wanting to work from home themselves.

“We didn’t have an Opportunity at that time to become advisors through an Existing Arise Super IBO because there wasn’t any!”
Jackie remarked when I interviewed her for this piece on the website.

“To begin working on the Opportunity we had to set up the Ltd Company and so Call Catcherz Ltd was born in Oct 2008”
“Thank goodness we had a lot of experience from previous jobs coupled with a genuine enthusiasm to get this off the ground”
They quickly realised after speaking to people who were looking for work at that time, that the average UK person was not going to necessarily go to the lengths of setting up a Ltd Company – “The Majority just wanted to do a job and get paid for it – simple as that”

In Nov 2008, Martin & Jackie, put the idea to Arise UK that they would act as the Ltd Company for many and so Call Catcherz Ltd was born and has since become a people choice favourite when needing the services of an Arise Super IBO. This then allowed many to avoid the cost associated with running a Ltd Company and the worries and paperwork that would arrive on their doorstep. This idea was endorsed by Arise UK. We are guilty of creating the Arise UK IBO Model.
The Business has bloomed since we announced to the masses we were in business and this was the easier cost effective way of setting up to Work from Home with Arise UK.

“Our very first CSP was actually a friend of ours who is still working with us” Jackie remarked and then it just snowballed and we became the leading authority on Arise and we started to assist 100’s of CSP's/Agents find a better balance in their lives.
Our best marketing tool has been our people who as Ambassadors of Call Catcherz Ltd “spread the word” by the end of March 2009 we had 300 affilated to us.

“The People got good solid advice from us and we steered them out of the glitches etc and the thanks was paid back by that person becoming another Ambassador of Call Catcherz Ltd”
“We walked the Walk and Talked the Talk which gave us and the Opportunity greater credibility and today as the “Ramp Up” Recruitment Continues Call Catcherz Ltd has become a Leading Homeshoring Company and also many peoples first choice when wanting to work from home with security.

We have fully supported many many agents through the Arise Admissions Process and have been giving solid advice on Arise UK & Homeshoring since it began. We have been also been speaking to many Companies about the many benefits that working from home can bring them. “Homeshoring” NOT "Offshoring" can play a vital role in getting Britain back on its feet. As more and more Companies take up this viable way of working we will see a POSITIVE snowball effect, sound economy, people in work with Companies who become 'in demand' because of their QUALITY work and cost efficiency.

Contact Centre Focus Magazine Jan 2010 had a Column on Call Catcherz Ltd which featured Martin Catchpole (Operations Director for Call Catcherz Ltd) and the verdict from CCF Magazine was that Call Catcherz Ltd was going to be one of the Hottest Companies in the UK in the next few years to work alongside.

The People behind Call Catcherz Ltd – Who are they ?

Jackie Young MBA – (Chief Executive Officer)
Certified as an Arise CSP/SDRX Supervisor/Specialist Material Expert (SME)
Jackie has been working at home since 2005 when failed back surgery saw her taking early retirement from Royal Mail, whom she has 20 years experience with. Along the way she held many positions (The Head of Procurement) for Royal Mail and prior to leaving was (The Head of Finance System Ops). Jackie is extremely well versed in Training & Development, Business and Process Change, Team/Individual Performance Optimisation; bringing these assets to Call Catcherz Ltd she is able to ensure that we remain sharp, focused, forward thinking and progressive. Her spare time is devoted to her dogs, Lenny a 1 year old Doberman and Dollar a 2 year old Rottweiler who thinks everyone wants her to sit on their knees. Additionally she enjoys a wide variety of music, reading and her beloved new iPad , which is engraved "I deserve this" and indeed she does!

Martin Catchpole  –  (Operations Director) & (Homeshoring Expert)
Certified as an Arise CSP/SDRX Supervisor
After spending his early life in the British Army (Royal Military Police) Martin wished to get away from the battlefield so went to hide behind a desk in many Contact Centre’s including the RAC, Martin worked his way up from being an Agent to eventually becoming a Contact Centre Manager. He could see the damage internal Contact Centre’s can have on morale and for the last 9 years has been researching Homeshoring as the way forward. Martin has extensive knowledge on this topic and will make sure everyone has all the facts before they become agents with Call Catcherz Ltd. Martins Hobbies are his work and dedicated his life to this. In his spare time he loves to listen to music, all types, anything from Classical to Punk but ALWAYS with the volume cranked up !  


Zeeta James-Cotterill - Human Resources Manager

As an ex agent, Zeeta has the knowledge and expertise to assist in all matters accordingly.  Having walked in the shoes of the agent, Zeeta has an emphatic side making her firm friends within the company.  With a PA/Office Manager background, Zeeta is available to assist agents on a wide variety of topics.  She has 3 children and so can sympathise with the work/life balance difficulties, which arise when you need to work around your family. 





I have worked for other @home projects but this is by far the best. It is the first time that I truly enjoyed logging into work to take calls, we had all the support and more required from yourselves
» Audrey, United Kingdom