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Call Catcherz Admissions Process

Call Catcherz Admissions Process

It is a well known fact that your day to day Recruitment Agencies will get paid a lot more for your services and then pay you bottom dollar / pound, we do it the otherway around to maximise your Earning Potential.

The purpose of the admissions vetting process is to identify agents (CSP's) that have an ability to work from home, on individual applications so that we can be assured that the agent (CSP) possesses the basic skills required to thrive in a virtual environment

Previous experience is not essential but it is always nice to hear from people that have worked in customer service / contact centre roles previously.

The admissions process currently consists of the following:

Apply via our website

You will then receive an information pack; if you then decide to go ahead then we will sort out an admissions profile for you.

You will receive full instructions that will enable you to carry on and follow the steps below.

1. Go through an Admissions IQ voice screening - you will be answering simple questions via an automated process - this is to check your tone and ability to be heard and understood.

2. Apply for a CRB (Criminal Record Background Check) these cost about £25 for a basic one and you will get to keep it, we will need a copy of it for our records.
(The why is because we deal and process sensitive data)

3. Next step would be to do the CSP101 mini course which is a 10hr self paced course that you can do in a day or over 7 days in bite size pieces.

4. Once CSP101 is completed and passed you then get to officially join us and we can open up the client opportunities to you.

5. It is down to you to which Client you wish to train for if there is more than 1 available at any given time. We can recommend but at the end of the day this is a personal decision you need to make based on your own skills and abilities

6. Pay for course and then start training at the moment this is £10 which is refunded upon certifying from a course with £40 or more depending on T&C's

7. When certified from training you then start working usually within 48hrs.

It’s very simple and nothing too taxing but you do need to have self motivation and dedication to do this type of work.


Typical Mum, Kerry, from Sheffield in South Yorkshire, found herself in the same situation that plaques more than half the British population, but she has beaten the ’stay-at-home-blues’ and found a home career that works for her and her young family. After serving five years in a Sheffield City Call Centre, Kerry took maternity leave for her first born and although she had planned to go back to work, another little one came along soon after.
» Kerry, Sheffield in South Yorkshire