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When is Pay Due & How it’s paid?

When is Pay Due & How it’s paid?

We use a Unique Automatic Payment System (A.P.S) to produce and send your Electronic Statement securely to your own Computer which gives you a full Transparent Breakdown of your earnings, showing the hours / minutes / calls taken...

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When is Pay Due & How it’s paid?

The Clients calculate pay between the 2nd - 8th of any given month.
We are then sent the total pay Invoice for the month previous.
For instance any servicing period you did between the 1st and 31st of any given month then our Clients send the Invoice to ourselves between the 2nd and 8th of the following month

We then use our unique automatic payment system (A.P.S) to produce and send your electronic statement securely to your own computer which gives you a full transparent breakdown of your earnings, showing the hours/minutes/calls taken etc.
This can be checked against your own portal stats/metrics for transparency.

On the 9th of the month the clients transfer the money to our bank account and we then immediately commence the transfer over to your accounts.
We pay 100% of payments via direct bank payment transfers (Cheques sent by special arrangement)

Normally payments are cleared within 60 mins to most major banks

Same Day Payments (FREE)

We do not use PayPal due to additional expense that you would incur in getting your own monies.

On Average (3.4%) of your wage lost due to a PayPal.


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