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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

As the longer established company and a Arise Super IBO in the UK we know the Arise processes and the Client processes, which is key to ensuring that you make the most from this opportunity. We act as your established and Arise recognised Limited Company, facilitating you to embark on this flexible way of working and so much more.

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What sort of Equipment Do I Need ?

How Long Does The Work Last?

Contracts held via Call Catcherz Ltd have immense longevity. You could start a new Career with this new way of working called Homeshoring.

What is an Arise IBO ?

What is an Arise Super VSC An Arise Super Virtual Corporation is a Umbrella Group for Agents to affiliate in order to prevent them needing a Ltd Company just to work from home. An Arise Super VSC will have more than 6 ACP's (Agents) attached to it. The overall Arise Super VSC is looked after by the Directors/Principal of the Ltd Company. Call Catcherz Ltd is an Arise Super VSC that also has additional work that we gain access to via our numeorus resources and connections within the Homeshoring Industry.

What kind of work does Call Catcherz Ltd Offer?

You will be working from home either making or taking phone calls depending on which of our clients you are working for as part of our Arise Super VSC and more.

OK, where is the catch, what do I need to pay for to get started ?

A great question! The answer in short is very little. As the client we perform services for is regulated by the FSA you are required to obtain a Criminal Records Disclosure Certificate, which costs £25. It is assumed that you will have a PC and a telephone landline, if you do make an investment for these things though they are all tax deductible. If you need anything answering that you don’t understand then we are always happy to help.

Am I tied to working all hours of the day?

Not at all, YOU choose, in slots of 30 minutes, the shifts you want to work. There is a minimum requirement that you service 15 hours a week and there is virtually an unlimited cap on how many you can work if YOU choose to!

I already work for another company can I be both employed & self-employed?

Not a problem, approximately 35% of our Advisors already do this for additional income!

I am not currently Self-Employed

No problem – easy to do, online and you can do this upto 3 months of starting to earn!