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Terms & Conditions

Call Catcherz Ltd (est 2008) The Superior Virtual Recruitment Agency that is dedicated to Homeshoring/Homesourcing of genuine work – Tried, Tested & Trusted by many. Have you ever thought of how nice it would be to work from home? What Call Catcherz Ltd does is give you the flexibility and freedom to work from home to earn an income...

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Ron Turner has found an idyllic lifestyle on the Isle of Bute, in West Scotland running a virtual call centre from home. When 50 came knocking on Ron’s door, he decided to take his wife, Margot, and two young boys away from Glasgow’s concrete jungle and give them a brilliant place to grow up. However, the move to this small yet beautiful little island of only 7000 residents, was set to alter Ron and Margot’s’ working lives.
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