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Why Work From Home?

Why Work From Home?

There are many good reasons for wanting to work from home and for yourself. The flexibility and freedom that Home Working gives you, something to fit in better with Family commitments and people wanting to take better control of their lives and be your own boss.

Join 48,000 (and growing) other Home Based Customer Service Agents (Globally)

There are over 2.1 million home based businesses in the UK with 60% of all new businesses starting from home.
DataMonitor predicts the number of home based agents to grow by 2012 and concludes that “Home Agents are becoming mainstream”

With a 5% Market Share of the current Workload Homeshoring/Virtual Agents are Starting to Boom & Bloom.

  • Join 48,000 Home-Based Call Centre Agents Worldwide
  • Work The Hours “You” Choose – No More Rota’s
  • Better Life / Work Balance
  • Reduced Car / Travelling Costs
  • High Petrol Prices – Reduce Your Carbon Footprint – Go Green
  • Reduced Commuting Time – Increase Earning Potential
  • Reduce Cost of Child Care / Child Minders, Office Lunches, Office Clothing, Parking, Toll Roads and much much more.


Recent Statistics show that over a 1,000 people are beginning to work for themselves every month in the UK.
There are many good reasons for wanting to work from home and for yourself. For instance having the flexibility and freedom that Home Working gives you, something to fit in better with Family commitments and people wanting to take better control of their lives and be your own boss.
When you get it right, being self employed can be exciting, rewarding and mildly challenging. Why wait for the Redundancy Notice to Strike when you have a better way to plan your Work/Life balance.

There has never been a better time to get into this Revolutionary Way of Working by Providing Virtual Call Centre Services.

Freedom & Choice

Work the Hours – You choose.

You will have the flexibility to post your own work schedule 2 weeks in advance and post the hours in 30 minute increments of time
(For instance 10am-11am would mean 2 blocks of time to tick/pick)
You can also book additional hours to suit your needs after the initial release of hours, if you have to drop slots of time to schedule then you can do so with giving 48 hours of notice and you simply untick the hours you have chosen so that other CSP’s/Agents can pick them up.

You are your own Boss so you say when and how many!!!!!

Work from the Comfort of your own home then set your schedule around your life.

Better Work/Life Balance

Freedom to balance your personal needs with the Work you do.
Take Advantage of being self employed and the Benefits it can bring, you can even get better Tax Benefits from this.
Service 'Premium Brand' companies that Trust you to care for their valued customers
Results you produce determine your earning potential

Reduced Commuting Time – Increased Earning Time
According to a recent report done by Virgin Media Business if you are 1 of the 10 million people in Britain who drives to work each day, the chances are you have noticed the spiralling out of control petrol prices with it recently going above the £1.30 per litre in the UK – An all Time High. With the Average worker making a 19 mile commute, the daily journey to work, combined with parking fees, now cost around £3,782 a year. This study was conducted in 10 Major Cities in the UK.
For people on the average salary of £25,000, this equates to a fifth of their annual net wage, and would take more than two months to earn.
UK Homeworkers gain an average of 17 days a year by giving up the tedious commute to work; additionally you can save hundreds of pounds in Travel Costs, Petrol, Office Lunches, Child Minders and Work Attire.

I do hope you are adding all this up and then realising there is a Different Way and One that is Proven and Cost Effective to Do.

Environmentally Friendly.

When I first started Call Catcherz Ltd I did not realise immediately the effect that this would have on the Environment as we have now taken off the road a regular use of 100’s of Cars and none essential Car Journeys. I can speak from Experience on this with my own personal car going into the Garage for its MOT and it did 912 miles for the whole year. I really can’t believe myself how much money I have saved and how little fuel I have used as a Car Owner that used to do a Minimum 24K miles a year. We can make a difference if we all come together and choose a different way of working.

We are Greener than your average business and Call Catcherz Ltd embraces the Green Benefits this work does offer. Lowering CO2 emissions alone has been of great benefit and thinking ahead I want my children to have a future, one in which they can breathe properly with good quality air as we are slowly killing the earth with all the pollution. By joining ourselves you will be another piece of the Green Jigsaw that can combat Greenhouse Gases that will if not stopped destroy the planet that we all dearly love.

Equal Opportunities.

Call Catcherz Ltd – Arise Super IBO have been Championing Equal Rights for people whom consider themselves as Disabled and we have helped many many Disabled people gain working opportunities that were not there before. We have good support from the Shaw Trust also who like the way in which our business model has been created to help and assist Disabled People

Together with the Assistance of Arise – Call Catcherz Ltd has been bringing more and more Opportunities to the Disabled Population.
I speak from experience on this one directly as I myself am Slightly Disabled. This has brought new meaning to my life and now I have the ability to compete on an even Level once again.

So it does not matter if you have difficulties walking, wheelchair bound or if you suffer from Agoraphobia etc we will give you the same rights as anyone else wanting to work from home.

As long as you can use a computer and have an articulate telephone manner these are the key things we look at.

Most recently we have assisted 2 Agents who had battled Cancer and could not get any form of work because when they applied for work they filled in the Medical Questionnaire and were subsequently refused on the basis of being a Liability for the said Companies. This is an Outrage and something which in the 21st Century should not be happening. At Call Catcherz Ltd we are proud supporters of Equal Opportunities and we thrive on assisting people from all walks of life

Working in a remote environment does limit discrimination allowing people to just get on with the task in hand.

Whilst Managing a Contact Centre of 100’s of Agents, it had always been apparent that there will be minorities that will make it a goal to bully anyone who is deemed 'different'. We respect your right to be 'different'  If we were all the same then life would be very dull indeed.

You don’t have to be Disabled to Apply but I wanted to point out another great benefit of working from home with ourselves.

This is Call Catcherz Ltd making the World a nicer place to live in. We want you to enjoy the work we offer and to earn not just an income but to also make money in one of the nicest environments possible “HOME”.

  • No More Commuting
  • Less Pollution
  • More Freedom & Choice.


The Call Catcherz Ltd Mission

  • To ensure people in general have the ability to make a well informed decision about genuinely working from home.
  • To make the world a better place to live/work with the aid of Technology.
  • To allow more Freedom and Choice for people who have young families and wish to still work.
  • To Allow a good second or first income to be generated to pay for additional luxuries in life
  • To Run the most ethical company in the UK.
  • To Give Disabled applicants the same working opportunities as able bodied applicants.



We will always go the extra mile to make sure this visionary mission is accomplished.

You may say to yourself what do we get out of it – to which we would simply reply

“Job Satisfaction” and to give as many people the same ability to work from home just like anybody that needs/requires/wants.



Hi Jackie... I appreciate all you, Martin and Zeeta have done in order to help me get through this. It is really nice to have such a great team backing us, because without you guys where would we be!
» Nicola, United Kingdom